Counter Wear Type Particle

Counter Wear Type Particle
Spectro LNF-Q230: LNF Particle counter, automatic shape classifier, and ferrous monitoring with a magnetometer
Features & Benefits.
* Particle Count for all particles > 4 ¼ m to 100 ¼ m
* Highest saturation limit, up to 5,000,000 particles/ml with a coincidence error < 2%
* Viscosity range ISO15 to ISO320, undiluted
* Images through dark fluids containing up to 2% soot with automatic laser gain control
* Error corrections for water and air bubbles
* Particle counts and codes per ISO 4406, NAV 1638, NAVAIR 01-1A-17, SAE AS 4059, GOST, STM D6786, HAL, and User defined bins.
* Export formats include SpectroTrack and AMS Machinery Health Manager
Options include:
* Ferrous Monitor to measure ferrous content.
* Ferrous wear measurement is a critical requirement for monitoring machine condition. The high sensitivity magnetometer measures and reports ferrous content in ppm/ml, and provides ferrous particle count and size distribution for large ferrous particles.
* The in-line design of the magnetometer with the LNF flow cell enables measurement of both ferrous content and total particle count on the same sample, eliminating the need to measure Ferrous content on another instrument.
Classification of wear particle shape
* The Q230 directly images wear particle silhouettes, and counts and classifies wear particles over 20 microns as cutting wear, sliding wear, fatigue wear, nonmetallic or fibers. This allows operators to determine the type of wear debris, wear mode and potential source from internal machinery components.
Dynamic viscosity measurement
* The Q230 uses its laser and two transducers to measure viscosity, calculated from the fluid flow rate and pressure. The LNF will calculate the 40C kinematic viscosity from fluid density input
AutoSampler for high throughput sample processing
* The Autosampler is a low cost solution for automatic and unattended processing of a batch of up to 24 samples. The Autosampler may be added to existing LNF installations by the end user with minimal setup