Distance Meter

Distance Meter
Distance Meter Leica Disto D810 Touch
Untuk mengukur range, tinggi dan sudut pengukuran
* Measuring range of 0.05 m / 0.16 ft up to 200 m / 650 ft; typ. accuracy ± 1.0 mm / ± 0.04 : in Precise, quick and reliablemeasurements
* BLUETOOTH® : Error-free and quick data transfer to Pocket PC or PC
* “DISTOTM Transfer” software is included : Easy transfer for further processing in Excel®, Word®, AutoCAD® or other Windows-based programs
* AutoCAD® plug-In : Convenient drawing using your AutoCAD® software 360° tilt sensor : Measure any slope, even overhead
* Digital Pointfinder with 4x zoom and high resolution colour display : Convenient measurement of distant objects, even in bright sunlight
* Indirect measurement functions with tilt sensor : Determine distances to objects that cannot be measured directly because they lack reflective points.
* Height profile measurements : Determine spot heights and ground profil