Ductility Of Bituminous Materials Test Set

ASTM D-113 / AASHTO T-51; According SNI 06 -2432-1991

For determining ductility of formed asphalt/ cement or semi solid bitument by measuring distance of elangation before breaking point when two end of briquet are pulled a part at a specific speed and temperature.

Consist of :
Ductility Mold : Form sample shape and hold end during test made of brass, provided with base. 1 set
Ductility Machine : Electric 220 V-AC, stainless steel bath, provided with temperature control. 1 set
Pulling speed : 5 cm/min, / Travel range : 150 cm.
Dimension (l x w x h): 244 x 80 x 80 cm/ Gross weight: 150 Kg
Standard supply with instruction manual books