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Mesin Kuat Tekan Beton Digital

Mesin Kuat Tekan Beton Digital

  Digital Compression Machine 2.000 kN (Manometer Reading)
  For determining compresive strength of concrete cube up to size 15 x 15 x 15 cm or concrete cylinder 15 cm dia x 30 cm height
  2.000 kN Capacity x 5 kN Increments; Electric Hydraulic Pump
  ASTM C-39; According SNI 03-1974-1990
* Frame : Heavy-duty welded steel construction 30 cm [-profile steel colums 10 cm thick bottom and upper plate.
* Hydraulic System : Mild steel cylinder, hard-chromed piston 230mm diameter max. working pressure 50.000 kPa, overall dimension 300mm dia x 320mm height, single action; gravity return.
* Hydraulic Pump : Electric 220 V-AC, 50-60Hz, 1000 Watt, 1 Phase, Single Action, varible speed, 6.000ml reservoir capacity. Maximum working pressure 50.000 kPa, single action; gravity return
* Load Measuring (Digital) :
  – Pressure tranducer connected with digital indicator
  – Digital readout, 6-bit LED display resolution
  – Reading results in (setup) kN or Kg, with data holder
  – External Power Supply 220 VAC, External rechargeable 6V DC Battery
  – Battery life : 80 hours continous use with 12 hour recharge time
  – Indicator Calibrated KAN LK-011-IDN
* Clearence : Horizontal 290mm; Vertical 310mm
* Dimension l x w x h : 760 x 620 x 1160 mm approx.
* Weight : 460 kg approx.
* Standard Supply : The equipment supplied including :
  – Straight level
  – Distance block 15cm, 20 cm cube as standard (3 pieces)
  – Calibration certificate KAN LK-11-IDN
  – Instruction manual books

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