CAL3K-AP Calorimeter with Automatic Oxygen Filling

CAL3K-AP Calorimeter with Automatic Oxygen Filling

CAL3K-AP Calorimeter

CAL3K-AP Calorimeter with Automatic Oxygen Filling, Part no 3K-1
The dimension 350 x 280 x 240 mm, weight 12 kg, power 12W, 50/60Hz, operating temperature 20-35°C, Repeatability: 0.05%RSD, resolution: 0.001 MJ/Kg, temperature resolution : 0.0001°C, 10 samples per hour using 2 bayonet bomb vessels. Complete with :

– CAL3K Calorimeter Installation Kit, Part No. 3K-1-KT
Included: power supply, mains cable 220v, balance cable, PC Cable (USB), PC Keyboard (PS2), preparation stand, stainless steel tweezers, Certified Benzoic Acid Tablets (50×0.5g Tablets per Bottle), high pressure oxygen pipe 4mm (4m)(CLEAR), exhaust pipe 6mm (2m)(BLACK), oxygen regulator connection standard-quick fit, calorimeter 0-rings (1packet of 5), O-Ring retainer for centre filling plastic, Tool to O-Ring remove retainer, Vessel Nozzle kit complete with nozzle, o-ring, nut, Silicone grease tube and Instalation guide printed.

– CAL3K Air Cooler, Part No. 3K-2
The air cooler can cool a vessel in approximately 6 minutes from 14°C to 4°C above ambient temperature. In other words, in a laboratory with 25°C ambient temperature a warm vessel of 39°C is cooled to 29°C in 6 minutes.

– CAL3k Air Cooler Instalation kit, Part No. 3K-2-KT, included: power supply, mains cable 220V

– CAL3K Bayonet Vessel, Part No. 3K-4
The traditional CAL2K-4 bomb vessel has been replaced with a self-locking and sealing bayonet vessel with built-in temperature sensors. The vessel is completely removable for easy sample management, cooling, cleaning and maintenance. The CAL3K bayonet (self-locking and sealing) vessel has a stainless steel body with a reduced mass (approx. 1.9kg) and a pressed on aluminium sleeve which acts as a heat sink and temperature equalizer. This sleeve performs the task of the traditional water and stirrer (see image below).The oxygen bomb calorimeter and bomb vessel are operated together for effective routine sample determination – for optimal results and faster throughput use 2 or more vessels

– CAL3K Bayonet Vessel Instalation Kit, Part No. 3K-4-KT, included: Centre electrode, vessel nozzle O-Ring, Outside electrode, Crucibles, Deflector Plate, Firing Wire (1 packet of 5 wires), Firing cotton packet (1 packet of 200 threads), Lid O-rings (1 packet of 5).